Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm not ready for this!

These are old pictures. I am posting them here to show my niece Brittany what they look like to see if they will be suitable for her wedding. Brittany was in our wedding in 1995 and she is returning the favor by asking our girls to be a part of her wedding.
Edit: Anyone seeing this and then subsequently talking to the girls, please do not say anything about them being in a wedding. The result would be a constant hounding of "When is the day coming?" or one of a 100 different ways they would annoy us for the next several months. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

I will be sure and tell them about the wedding asap. I am sure you at least deserve a few months of annoying questions, after all I had to put up with you being annoying for years! And now its Shelly's turn.
Love ya your favorite Sis in law,

Anonymous said...

Emory & Family, Tried to post a comment earlier today,but it didn't work.(I'm still new @ this!) Anyway,prayed for you & yours on my way to work yesterday. You are on my church prayer list.One of my choir members survived thyroid cancer in the early 90's--so I pray for many wonderful years ahead for you too! Love, Monica

Anonymous said...

Emory, Just tho't of some news I wanted to share. I don't know if you remember Paul's friend John who introduced us, but he passed away unexpectedly Jan. 30th. He had been a quadraplegic since age 17, so had lived much longer than expected due to wonderful care of his family. Please remember the Dill family in your prayers. Lots of Love again, Monica

Pam said...

The girls look positively beautiful! And I won't say a word about the upcoming wedding!