Saturday, February 14, 2009

The first of a few make-up postings

What a week? It went fast.

Tuesday evening was spent responding to an email from a friend (Pam; her link is to the right). She did some research on thyroid cancer and radiation exposure in the military and found this organization: National Association of Atomic Verterans.

I then spent some time in research and joining this group. It is mainly for the unfortunate souls involved with nuclear weapons testing, but they recognize the risks involved for those of us in the nuclear power program. Since I have thyroid cancer and since 85% of the cases of thyroid cancer are linked with radiation exposure, I thought it was worth the effort to learn more.

Well, I'm off to take the girls to the library one at a time here soon. It's a lot of extra driving, but so worth it to get them separated. We really haven't separated them as much as we should for one-on-one time with me, but when we do the effects are amazing. They do frequently get separated when Riley is off to therapy, but that's when I'm at work and it is always the same scenario: Riley is at therapy and Sidney is with Aunt Kim or Aunt Rachel. When they are together they are constantly in competition for attention. Anyone with more than one kid can relate to this but when with twins it is downright maddening.

That reminds me of this recent example: Several weeks ago Riley had a cold and Sidney didn't. After our normal night time routine (brush teeth, floss, read one story apiece, and prayer) Sidney remained sprawled out on the bed crying. Once we finally realized why she was upset we didn't know whether to laugh or cry with her (out of exasperation on our part). Turns out I didn't pray for her to feel better. What?! Being the sarcastic person that I am, I prayed for her to get sick soon and then said, "There I prayed for you. Now get to bed!" (Lest you think I'm horrible, it always happens anyway after one or the other gets sick, so does the other. I only asked for it to happen soon.)


Pam said...

Has your thryoidectomy been moved back a whole month? I probably read something too fast and didn't get it in my mind when it was. I was thinking February 26.

It is nice to do things separately with kids so there is one on one time. They like it, and you will, too!

Hey, I've got a really bad chest cough....probably allergenic bronchitis like I used to get at least twice a year.....but, I'd appreciate a get well soon prayer! Smile!

Pam said...

Oh, forgot to mention that I write a blog post once a month for my Boomers and Beyond Etsy Team. You might enjoy reading it! Here is the link: