Monday, November 16, 2009

Not to be out done

There's absolutely no competition going on in this household. ha ha. Riley's poem was from when we were waiting to leave for the dr appt to get the antibiotic for her ear infection. I took her to school after the appt, getting script filled, and grabbing a bite to eat. Then she went to hippo therapy in the evening. Sidney is so lucky to get to ride a horse also (Thanks to Aunt Rachel and family). We spent the whole time after Sidney's riding lesson and waiting for Shelly and Riley to get home by writing the "letter" below. I knew that someone may say something about Riley's poem and Sidney hear about it and wonder why she didn't get something on the blog. So, these are just two little snapshots in time before they turn 6.

Here is Sidney's letter:
dear mommy,

i love you. i like horses. i like everything in the whole wide world. i love my whole family. i am losing a tooth.


Riley's Poem

I couldn't understand whether Riley made this up or heard it from somewhere...

Sing sing what shall I sing.
Do do what shall I do.
The cat's run away with the pudding too.

At first she had as the last word a word that rhymed with 'sing' and then she said the whole poem again (that's more impressive than the poem itself) and changed it to 'too'.