Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sidney has lost two more teeth

Yep, we're terrible bloggers. The second of the three was before the "Riding The Bus" post, so as Shelly is looking over my shoulder and saying "we're bad bloggers"? I just keep on typing. I thought I would at least get some fun information out of the way before starting back to mundane I-don't-want-to-hear-that topics.

The girls are doing awesome in school. We got to go visit the teachers and sit in their classrooms (with the girls home in bed) while we learned what and how they are being taught. Lucky we both got to go so that we could each visit a classroom and compare notes afterward. Uhm...well, Shelly got to see my notes at least because she didn't take any. I observed Sidney's teacher. She has been at it for 34 years and said that kids today are coming out of kindergarten with more knowledge than we did coming out of first grade. And thank goodness we live in "backwards" Boone county. The school system Shelly works for has only one short recess per day. I beg to differ that that is better -- kids need the free-range play time to build social skills and get some much needed exercise. (Think how much better free-range chicken is!)

My cousin Monica is on her way here from (North Carolina?) with her mom from Virginia. We're going to be celebrating our 40th birthdays together with my two other cousins, Beth and Tom, born that same year.

I'm sorry if you already know this but for the sake of what is to be said below it is worth mentioning that after my RAI therapy I was given a 99% chance of being alive in 20 years. Lies, d**** lies, and statistics.

I've been going to physical therapy for 6 weeks for weakness and pain in my right leg. I had wondered from the beginning why only one leg suffered muscle atrophy so much more than the other. Now that 6 weeks have passed and the pain persists even though the muscles are stronger, we're looking into other causes. Without beating around the bush, my doc says the most likely cause is bone cancer. I drink some fire-whiskey at 9:45 AM tomorrow and then get lit up at 2PM. Actually the simple term is a bone scan. I just know I have to go in twice with 4 hours in-between.


tmm said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!! Call me when you know something!


G said...

Dear Emory & Shelley,

I'm very, very sorry for your further health complications. I've been praying much for you all, both for the physical, spiritual, and emotional side of things. I would beg of you to look into A.P.John Cancer Institute as I had mentioned before. You need orthomolecular help, not more radiation. You need "intravaneous nutrition", not more depletion. May God alone help you in your further decisions.

Spiritually speaking, I don't know what the d****, meant in this last blog, but just in case it was cussing, I accept your hurt, wounded spirit, but God wants to give you a pure response to your trials and heartaches. He can and will give you grace in the outcome. But you must allow him to change things within the heart
that brings a Christ-like response. I love you and am praying for your soul.

Truly caring, in love,

Uncle Gordon