Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Now I know a little about what it's like.......

To live with someone with dementia or Alzheimer's. (not to belittle either condition) After supper, Emory was going to take some garbage out to the field. I turn around from doing the dishes and I find him on the porch - just standing there. I yell real loud "You were going to take the garbage out to the field!" He just looks at me (with a blank look on his face) and then comes back in. I asked, "Did you forget what you were doing?" He just looks at me and we both sorta chuckle. Seriously?!? Turns out he was thinking about changing his shoes - so the ones he had on wouldn't get muddy. In his mind - this was a much shorter period of time than it actually was! I have never seen anyone in such slow motion. If I didn't know better - I'd think he was on drugs! (Actually ...... he needs to be on more!)

This is much better functioning than a couple of days ago. He was very nauseated and wasn't able to eat. He called the doctor who changed and increased his medication. So at least he is able to eat. He still walks around like a zombie. The doctor is to call tomorrow to check on his condition. I think they need to bump up his synthyroid medication - maybe he wouldn't be so tired. In the meantime - I will continue to have fun at his expense. He probably won't remember it anyway.


Pam said...

Thanks again, Shelly, for keeping us up to date on how Emory is doing. Has he finished with the radioactive iodine pills? Guess he can go back and read all the blog posts to see what fun you had at his expenses! :) Thoughts and prayers with all of you!

Anonymous said...

Ya know the process time for A Brown (at least our Browns) is extra long anyway, soo it probably did seem like an eternity. But you missy need to be nice.
Love ya, Rhonda