Friday, May 29, 2009

It's been how long?

I can't believe the month is about to end. I have been waiting for Emory to post but THAT hasn't happened so here I go. Emory went back to work this week. He hasn't been one to complain so he hasn't said much but I know it has probably been a loooong week for him. He still is running tired although I think today was a better day. I think we both need to do better at getting more than the 6.5-7 hours sleep a night. We're getting older you know (actually Emory will be 40 a week from today!)

The girls graduated from preschool the 19th. They were so excited. Riley wasn't so much as she cried going down the aisle but was able to get it together and announce one of her teachers and say she wanted to be a "plain person" when she grew up. Sidney said she wanted to be a pet doctor. We have 10 weeks until Kindergarten! It's hard to believe. Time has just flown.

The new thing the girls are doing is taking riding lessons. Sidney FINALLY gets to ride a horse "all by herself". She is loving it. I think Riley likes it but then again she's been riding for 3 years already (in therapy) so she is a little leery because it may seem more like work. It's amazing that they are riding all by themselves. They guide the horse around cones and even "jump". The horse just walks over the boards but their instructor says they will actually be jumping. That's a little scary for me. We got them riding helmets!

I started my summer break yesterday. We (mainly Sidney and I) had to get a few issues ironed out (with her spending some "thinking time" in her room). ((I'm getting grammar help from someone NOT!)) Anyways...we got along better today. I think she realized Mommy is the boss and she doesn't particularly enjoy extended periods of time in her room.


Gordon Allen, said...


I enjoy your letters. (Emory's too.) It's so fun to hear about the girl's activities and things they say and how they say them. The joy of "great neices"! (meant two ways) I'm glad you wrote because I've been very concerned about how things are going, though Monica relieved me saying she had talked to Emory about 1 1/2 weeks ago or so. I've checked the blog probably 15-20 times this month.

I really liked the sweet graduation picture of the girls and their beautiful skirts or dresses showing below. I want to download that if I can.
I sincerely long to hear them say some things they say. Try to get some recordings as that can cheer one up later on in life. I'm glad they're learning to ride horses. (Keeping a horse might now be more economical than maintaining a car.--I must do my homework! (Just a lot slower but we need to slow down, especially one day out of each seven) It will be interesting to see how their vocations turn out--plain & simple or as busy as a Doctor!

So glad Emory is "back in the saddle" cause it just might help him heal faster for additional motivation--somewhat. He must listen to his body, and yes--try to get 7.5 hrs. rest on average.

Please excuse my ignorance, but I didn't understand your statement about "grammar help and NOT". Would you be kind enough to clarify or expound this parable?

I love you all and many prayers are being prayed. May the grace of our Lord ever be near.

Love, Uncle Gordon

Pam said...

I so much appreciate your blog updates, Shelly. Glad to know that Emory is back at work, and that he will continue to feel better and stronger each day. Know what you mean about the need for sleep and the lack thereof.

Congratulations on the girls' kindergarten graduation. How special, how fun, and how fast they grow!

Glad for you for the summer break. Don't they just seem to get shorter all the time!!

Best wishes for a good summer, a full recovery for Emory, fun times with the girls, lots of enjoyable horseback riding (oh, my, wish I could do what they can do already!), and just good wishes in general.

Hug Emory for me. Thanks.