Friday, March 13, 2009

My brother's results are back

Loren had the FNA biopsy on his thyroid and his nodule was determined to be benign. Thank goodness. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers on his behalf. His FNA was Wednesday, not Monday, so I was only a little bit delayed.

My scar is healing fine and in a matter of months it may be undetectable. Good thing -- I may get to keep my modeling job after all. (ha ha).


tmm said...

Great news about your brother!!!

and I was wondering what was to becom of your modeling career if your heal was too visible!!

As for the 34.00 late fees at the library...It was ALOT of books and movies~~Emma had her max and I had mine. The 5.00 was actually for books on Michaela's card she checked out in 2005!!!!!


Pam said...

Great news about Loren! Glad your incision is healing well!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about modeling but, if the scar dosen't heal you could always have a good story... like my wife had all she could stand of me and slit my throat!
Love ya, Rhonda